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Sports Premium

The school was allocated £8891 of Sports Premium during the year 2016 to 2017. The majority of this was used to support teaching through the use of a qualified coach. The coach takes some of the lessons whilst teachers develop their own skills through observing. This has meant that staff have become more confident to teach PE  and the children's skills and fitness  have improve.

The allocation of funds has also meant that we can explore other areas of physical activity. We were able to have a Circus Workshop. This developed a range of skills such as balance, aiming and increasing stamina.

Another activity was a workshop that explored Cossack dancing. This activity promoted sequence building, coordination and the development of breathing techniques.

Although not funded by the Sports Premium, we have a good range of clubs throughout the year. We have multi skills, football, archery, golf and dodgeball. All these clubs are oversubscribed.

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Sports Premium Cover Sheet(1)Primary PE Sports Funding Action Plan Impact Statement
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